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Community Share Underwriting

The Community Share Underwriting Fund has been developed in response to the growing number of Community Benefit Societies seeking to raise funds through community share issues.  It is operated by our community lending vehicle, Community Land & Finance CIC.

Community share issues are an effective way of mobilising retail investors to back social enterprises that they have a connection with. They have long been used to acquire pubs and village shops and have more recently been used for affordable housing, sustainable energy and community forestry / agriculture.

Projects approved for support from the Fund will be able to draw down up to 50% of the community share issue target.  They will be able to advertise this underwriting support on launch of the share issue, which helps to boosts confidence among potential retail investors and encourage higher uptake.

How to apply

or, if you wish to discuss your suitability to the Fund, please contact Resonance Ltd (advisor to Community Land & Finance CIC): John Williams (john.williams@resonance.ltd.uk) 0161 8830961, or Simon Chisholm (simon@resonance.ltd.uk) 01422 728738.